Millennium Milestone
Convention Centreinspire.execute.triumph

Millenium Milestone Convention Centreinspire.execute.triumph

Inspire. Execute. TriumphMillennium Milestone Convention Centre

The Millennium Milestone Convention Centre offers you close to 5000 sq.m of adaptable function space, extensive dining and pre-functional areas for up to 2000 attendees located on 3 dedicated floors surrounding a glass dome 6-storey atrium.

The set of 14 multifunctional event rooms including the 765 sq.m. pillar-free Grand Millennium Ballroom combined with sincere hospitality and truly professional support sets the stage for success.

2 300 sq.m conference space

1 500 sq.m supreme dining area

1 300 sq.m spacious
pre-function areas

765 sq.m Grand

14 multifunctional
meeting rooms

Perfect location

State of the art audio and video equipment

Onsite technical

MICE professional assistance

Loyalty program
for business

Millennium PlannerSmart 3D Event Planner

One refreshingly innovative event-planning platform, Smart 3D Event Planner, is the gem of Sofia’s newest hotel of excellence, Grand Hotel Millennium Sofia.  The platform is complete with 2D and 3D plans, and with a virtual tour with various space design options. As an event manager you are free to create personalized diagrams for arrangement in the hall, and even rearrange furniture. The software is fully fit for personalized experience and smart enough to give a convincing visual idea of how your event will look.

High-Level Events


Event organisation at highest level

With its 765 m2 the exquisitely designed Millennium Grand Ballroom can welcome up to 780 guests for your large-scale corporate event or stylish celebration. As it can be conveniently transformed into three smaller rooms it offers a wide range of options  for any event concept.

  • 765 m²
  • Up to 780 people

Shakespeare Hall

Event organisation at highest level

With its 270 m2 the exquisitely designed Shakespeare Hall can welcome up to260 guests for your corporate event or stylish celebration.

  • 270 m²
  • Up to 260 people

Mozart Hall

Event organisation at highest level

With its 170 m2 the exquisitely designed Mozart Hall can welcome up to 185 guests for your corporate event or stylish celebration.

  • 170 m²
  • Up to 185 people

Halls CapacitiesMillennium Milestone Convention Centre

 Total area
Floor 2   View Floor Plan
Millennium Grand Ballroom76540,1 x 19,1 x 4,35Yes720130144400280360700
Millennium Grand 122512,9 x 17,4 x 4,35Yes250506012884110200
Millennium Grand 222512,9 x 17,4 x 4,35No220506014480100200
Millennium Grand 327014,4 x 18,8 x 4,35No250506412896120200
Columbus Hall1209,1 x 13,2 x 3,30Yes1004050705060120
Columbus Hall 1609,1 x 6,7 x 3,30Yes60203040253060
Columbus Hall 2609,1 x 6,7 x 3,30Yes60203040253060
Newton Hall1709,0 x 19,0 x 3,30Yes14050568496120100
Einstein Hall26012,3 x 21,2 x 3,30No260557014896120200
Einstein Hall 114512,2 x 11,9 x 3,30No1303852806480100
Einstein Hall 211012,2 x 9,1 x 3,30No130344468486090
Marie Curie Hall445,9 x 7,5 x 3,30Yes3016202016--
Floor 3   View Floor Plan
Da Vinci Hall2509,7 x 25,9 x 3,30Yes200768214096120200
Da Vinci Hall 11309,7 x 13,4 x 3,30Yes1204650706480110
Da Vinci Hall 21209,7 x 12,6 x 3,30Yes1103640604860100
Michelangelo Hall1157,4 x 15,6 x 3,30Yes904040604860100
Floor 4   View Floor Plan
Shakespeare Hall27013,8 x 19,7 x 5,25Yes2606072112110130250
Mozart Hall17013,2 x 12,9 x 5,25Yes18542567888110150

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