Green Policyand Social Responsibility

Green & Social Responsibility PolicyGrand Hotel Millennium Sofia

Local Produce & Purchasing

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Local and seasonal products...

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  • The kitchen team and chefs select local and seasonal products as much as possible, always demanding of the highest quality. Strive to use mainly fair-trade or eco-labelled products and suppliers with best environmental practices.
  • Work with suppliers and partners that share similar ethics and approaches to sustainability.
Energy & water Reduction

Revamping cleaning processes...

Panorama SPA POOL with salted water

  • Using low-energy or LED lighting within the hotel. This drastically reduces energy consumption.
  • Reduced frequency of linen and towel change to use less energy and water. As hotel standard we change the bed linen and towels after the third night and encourage guests to reduce their ecological footprint by reusing their linens and towels, maintaining a recommended room temperature, and minimizing waste.
  • Revamping cleaning processes to eliminate the use of aerosols and introduce eco-friendly cleaning and disinfection chemicals. Working with Eco friendly cleaning materials in the kitchen, housekeeping, and laundry department.
  • We eliminate the usage of chemicals in our swimming pool and use natural sources instead.
  • Using toilets, shower heads and faucets that save water.
Waste Reduction

Eco-friendly, recyclable...

Panorama SPA POOL with salted water

  • Reduce of plastic where applicable. Usage of eco-friendly, recyclable packaging, straws and cups in our dining outlets and hotel rooms.    
  • Waste sorting and recycling / Recycling all the used paper
  • Minimising the amount of printed materials and reusing them at every opportunity. We encourage our guests to have their electronic copy of invoice instead of printed one.
  • We implemented electronic solutions and digital signage to substitute the paper throughout the hotel.

We take part in initiatives and activities that raise awareness of sustainable development and support partners that share our green values. (Ex: Training of staff how to be green; green idea of the month; cleaning initiatives – clean Vitosha mountain team).