Spa FacilitiesMillennium Spa & Wellness Centre

Spa FacilitiesMillennium Spa & Wellness Centre

Your urban oasis of tranquility, vitality, and regeneration. Inspired by the philosophy of the 5 elements of nature in Ayurveda culture: earth, water, air, fire, and ether, the Millennium Spa & Wellness Center will lead you on a voyage of essential wellness experience.

Let us take you on a voyage through the 5 elements. The earthy tones, organic materials, and natural colors combined with splendid light and sense of space in the interior design perfectly harmonize with the belief of achieving harmony with nature. On this voyage, you will recharge your energy and balance your mind, body, and soul by experiencing with all your senses the vitality of each element incorporated in our aqua and thermal area, and treatments rooms.


Water| the sense of weightlessness |

The sense of weightlessness

Panorama SPA POOL with salted water

The pool is an easy and pleasant way to cheer up and tone up. The innovative technology for purification gives the water a pleasant salty taste and makes it extremely gentle on the skin, hair, and eyes.

Hydromassage Hot Tubs

The healing benefits of hydrotherapy have been known to all the world’s great cultures, with a history that dates back thousands of years. Enjoy the hot tub’s healing water as you feel your muscles relax and stress melt away, the tension will dissolve into the water and your sense of vitality, balance, and place in the world will be affirmed.

One-of-a-kind Marine Bath

We all know and appreciate the sea and its soothing effects on our wellbeing. That is why we have brought the sea to you - so just breathe in and enjoy! The climate in our Marine room is enriched with Magnesium, salt, iodine, oxygen, and negative ions. It will boost your immune system, clean your respiratory passages and it will increase your power of concentration.

Relaxing Steam Bath

The warm and humid room is an alternative to the sauna. After spending some time in the steam bath, it is much easier for the skin to absorb the beneficial ingredients of cosmetics and essential oils. The skin becomes cleaner, softer, and healthier.

Oriental Hammam

Immerse into the magical world of the Arabian Nights. Heated marble surrounds you, as you enjoy a body and mind cleansing procedure.

Adventure Shower

An amazing combination of different water jets with various temperatures and strength joined by music and light effects. It refreshes you and stimulates the blood circulation as well as effectively removes fatigue and stress. Have an instant trip from a fresh tropical rain to the extreme freshness of a polar rain.


The several tubs of warm and cold water are a true miracle. A slow walk between them soothes pain, stimulates the blood flow and metabolism while gently massages the feet and gives you feeling of lightness and a burst of energy.


A wonderful way of pampering yourself. A warm soothing foot bath relaxes, reduces stress, can lower the blood pressure, and helps one to regain balance.


The ice waterfall offers an unforgettable cool down after a sauna or steam bath. It helps you person cool down and relax before moving on to the next spa session.


The illuminating spirit


Providing all the health benefits of the Finnish sauna but more sparing to people with mobility or health issues thanks to the lower temperature. The special IR lamps heat your body and soothe pain, reduce stress. We also recommend it in a combination with our anti-cellulite procedures for amazing results.

Panorama Finnish SAUNA

A sauna can help people to unwind and relax. Add the many health benefits and it creates a perfect wellness experience. Some of the known health benefits are improving the cardiovascular health, reducing stress levels, easing pain, and helping some skin problems.

Cozy Fireplace

The relaxing area with a live fireplace is a perfect place to just sit back on the heated benches and unwind between the spa sessions while enjoying the comforting heat from the fire.


The floating sensation

Lounge with FLOATING BEDS and uplifting views

Float effortlessly and relax in the soft embrace of the water beds. Let all your troubles float away and get a feeling of weightlessness while you enjoy either the soothing seabed reproduction or the magnificent mountain view.

Tepidarium area with mountain view

Just lay down, relax, and enjoy the soothing warmth from the stone beds, along with the majestic view of Vitosha Mountain.


The Sense of stability and strength

Natural Salt Room

Salt therapy improves the immunity and increases the body tone. It has a positive effect on the whole respiratory system as well as the skin. Our modern halogenerator creates a therapeutic microclimate and enriches the air in microelements. Total relaxation combined with the health benefits of salt, perfect for the whole family.

Revitalizing Herbal Sauna

Recharge both your body and your soul in our herbal sauna. It is a combination of the steam sauna and the inhalation of herbal aromas which is perfect for your skin, air passages while it also helps your body to get rid of the toxins. The temperature at the sauna reaches 50 to 70°C and the recommended length of stay is min. 15 minutes.

Ether (space)

A feeling of calm and tranquility

3500 sq. m naturally-lit serene sanctuary

Sweeping views over the park and Vitosha mountain